About Us

Community Outreach

Each year children eager to get outside and targeted by CBC efforts, experienced our outreach programs. These children were primarily recruited through liaisons with structured organizations in the greater Providence area. Boys and girls from different cultures and backgrounds work together, learning tolerance, trust and respect for one another. Most importantly, these kids can continue to enjoy sailing and paddling because CBC makes it accessible and affordable.

Sailing Lessons

CBC offers a variety of youth and adult sailing/paddling lessons that allow our members to experience the thrill and challenge of sailing and paddling in upper Narragansett Bay. “Sailorships” are also available for classes for youth students who meet eligibility requirements. Affordable CBC memberships allow individuals and groups to enroll in our structured lessons including FREE access to our boats for adults to continue to enjoy sailing and paddling as a lifetime recreational activity upon lesson completion.

Affordable Access

CBC also offers affordable sailing and paddling access for experienced adults who do not wish to take lessons. Qualified members may sail or kayak during open boating hours subject to weather/ equipment availability. CBC also provides access and fleet rentals to local schools. Additionally, CBC offers waterfront function room rental for meetings, parties, or special events.