Reach Resources

Reach Web BannerHow can I learn more about the Reach Initiative?

1. Register for a US Sailing STEM Educator Course. – Find a Reach course near you!

2. Try the curriculum! Perfect for adventure sailing. Take a look at US Sailing’s Reach curriculum teaser here!

3. Check out a synopsis of the Reach Modules

What could the Reach Initiative look like at my school or sailing program?

1. See Reach in action in US Sailing’s promo video at Community Boating Center and New England Science and Sailing.

2. Host a Reach Event (Sailing through STEM Night) at your program with US Sailing’s STEM Event Toolkit!

3. View US Sailing’s expanding array of videos for instructors and students.

4. Hear it from those who have implemented Reach through US Sailing’s blogs.

5. Download a chart showing how Reach is correlated to Next Generation Science Standards.

6. Download the Reach Sustainability Guide for Sailing Organizations (featuring CBC on the cover!)

7. Download the Reach alignment to The Essential Principles of Ocean Sciences

8. Download CBC’s CleanGreen guide – Thank you Jamestown Distributors!