Reach Educator Guide
Middle School, Modules 1-10
Reach Educator Guide

The Reach Educator Guide is the perfect easy to follow curriculum for sailing instructors and teachers interested in implementing STEM through sailing! Middle School Modules 1-10 are designed for use in the classroom, on the water, and in outdoor classrooms.

Implement 1 module or all 10. The Reach modules are correlated to National Education Standards in science and math, as well as US Sailing’s Learn Sailing Right! Beginner and Intermediate.

Student Logbook & Portfolio
Reach Student Logbook

Perfect for youth ages 10-16, the Reach Student Logbook & Portfolio provides a place for youth sailors to track their sailing skills, collect data, reflect on their learning, and engage in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) and the environment around them.  Students will be inspired through the many “Career Connections” to peruse their love of sailing for a lifetime.

The student book directly aligns to Modules 1-10 in the Reach Educator Guide: Middle School and also with the Learn Sailing Right Beginning Sailing and Learn Sailing Right Intermediate Sailing books.  A fit for adventure sailing classes, learn to sail programs, and of course Reach programing.

NEW! – Reach Educator Guide
Middle School, Modules 11-17

Designed for middle school students, these seven modules incorporate national education concepts including watershed education, climate change, and green technology—all with a focus on learning both on and off the water.

The modules are aligned to the Ocean Literacy Principles and include content created by sailing centers actively implementing the Reach curriculum.

Modules 11-17 are designed as a supplement to follow as a resource for those who attended the Reach Educator Course and have already implanted a few modules from 1-10 having practice skills in inquiry-based education practices.

Just getting started? Check out the STEM Educator Course for teachers and sailing instructors participating in US Sailing’s Reach Initiative.