Jr. Instructor Program

Teaching is the ultimate way to give back to the sport. Those who share their passion for wind and sea and master the mechanics of sailing are rewarded with a new sense of self worth and accomplishment. Teaching is much more than sharing knowledge. Instructors serve as key environmental mentors and refine and explore skills and career paths.

Jr. Sailing Instructors

Jr. Instructors work with Sailing Instructors to assist in shoreside and on-the-water drills. They act as a positive role model for students, teaching basic sailing maneuvers and boat handling skills. JI’s assist in boat maintenance and repair stressing the importance of equipment maintenance and general seamanship. The Jr. Sailing Instructor candidate will be given the opportunity to train in Instructor functions and activities, and will be provided with training and boat use membership privileges.

Jr. Sailing Instructor candidates will be invited to participate by the Program Manager.