Rules & Procedures

CBC has developed rules and procedures to help ensure a safe, rewarding, and fun learning environment. It is important that you review these rules. Appropriate behavior is expected at all times.

Failure to observe the rules and procedures vary according to the nature of the infraction, but can include loss of sailing privileges and/ or program expulsion. Verbal or physical abuse, or behavior that jeopardizes your safety or that of anyone else in the program, will result in early dismissal with a warning. A second incident will constitute a written warning and appropriate sanctions. Any additional incident will result in dismissal from the remainder of the season without refund of tuition or membership fee.

If you have any questions concerning our Rules and Procedures, please contact the Director at 401-454-7245 or We’re here to make your sailing and paddling experience as safe and enjoyable as possible.

Wear Your Lifejacket

Everyone is required to wear a personal flotation device (PFD) which is Coast Guard approved, the proper size for weight and build, and form-fitting and comfortable, as it will be worn at all times. Closed-toe shoes (no flip-flops) will also be worn at all times in boats and on the docks/site.

CBC Sailing and Paddling Areas

Separate areas have been designated for sailing and paddling at CBC. These activity-specific zones must be obeyed as marked on the CBC master chart. Members must be familiar with the local waters as there are many obstructions to contend with. Feel free to ask a staff member if you are not sure of open sailing or paddling areas. Boating time may be restricted upon demand – maximum limit upon restriction is two hours.

Open, Recreational Sailing and Paddling Use

Instructional programs have priority for boat use. Members may use boats not used in classes during open boating hours per staff approval. Use of a jib on any boat requires two (2) sailors for weight distribution and control. We encourage you to sail with other family members or friends to build a community of networked sailors. Sailing guests (number appropriate for boat type) may join you for FREE. Members and (1) guest are permitted to use up to two (2) kayaks per visit.

On-the-Water Evaluation

A check-out test is required of all members to participate in recreational sailing and paddling. Members taking courses will learn the skills required for this evaluation. You will only be allowed to use the boat you have been pre-qualified in. Keelboats are excluded from check-out tests. Scheduled classes and private instruction are available to teach the proper skills required to handle each class of boat at CBC.


Qualified adult members may take out family/friend guests (age 5+) as often as they like at no charge provided boats are available. There must be a qualified adult member in each sailboat, or within immediate reach of each kayak. Each member and guest must sign the sign-out sheet. Members are responsible for their guests and for their safety. It is the obligation of members to know emergency procedures and to ensure that his/her guests are familiar with them prior to sailing or paddling.

Watch the American Flag

Beginners are required to stay within sight of the American flag at all times. In an emergency or should weather conditions deteriorate, the flag may be lowered to half-mast. You must return to the dock immediately if the flag is lowered to half-mast! CBC staff may revoke membership privileges or limit participation for violation of this very important rule.

Green/ Red Flag

A green flag indicates no restrictions are present and members may sail or paddle according to the level & boat they have previously qualified in.

A red flag indicates that there are restrictions currently present due to weather or equipment limitations. Each member must check the posted restrictions prior to sailing or paddling. Less experienced members may not be permitted to sail or paddle on some red flag days. Common restrictions include cancellation due to high wind or waves, or limits to the open boating areas due to weather or boat traffic.

Right-of-Way, 50 Yard Big Boat Buffer Zone

Large motorboats (tankers, ferries, ships, etc.) limited in maneuverability always have the right of way. Give all ships a 50-yard min. buffer zone. Avoid collisions! Sailboats on port yield to starboard, windward yields to leeward, overtaking yields to overtaken. Avoid boats having trouble. Yield to fast rowing shells that are hard to see, and may not see you.

Miscellaneous Rules and Procedures

  • No swimming or landing at other docks or shore.
  • Stay clear of CBC dock when boats are landing.
  • Do not litter the property, dock, boats, or river.
  • Alcohol, controlled substances, and smoking are prohibited.
  • No bikes, rollerblades, or pets are allowed near docks/ building.