Sailing programs nationwide are rich environments for STEM learning. Every time a student steps into a boat, pulls the tiller, or trims a sail they are experiencing powerful lessons. The weather above, the water below, and everything on the boat in-between can provide daily, real-world science lessons. Connecting these hands-on, experiential learning experiences to educational objectives can open up a whole new world of learning and opportunity to both sailors and sailing programs.

Sailing Through Science – STEM Sailing

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) at CBC serves as a national model in piloting and developing STEM content with US Sailing, the national governing body of sailing, in the Reach STEM program.

  • Classroom and on-the-water, Class limit 18, twice/wk for 4 weeks
  • Prerequisite: Pre-registration through organized youth group
  • Course goal: Supplemental STEM education through sailing
  • Course fee: $TBD*


STM-Y1, 5/28 – 10/17, Days TBD, 3:00 – 6:00 PM – CONTACT CBC

*School/group rates available.

Recent Partners:

Calcutt Middle School
Gordon School
Learning Community
Paul Cuffee School
Save The Bay
Sophia Academy
Times 2 Stem Academy
Vartan Gregorian
Village Green Virtual Charter School

– All class times and fees are subject to change without notice.
– All sailing and paddling privileges are subject to weather and equipment availability.
– Image courtesy of US Sailing Reach Initiative. Used with permission.