General Expectations

CBC has developed specific expectations to help ensure a safe, rewarding, and fun learning environment. It is important that you review these expectations. Appropriate behavior is expected at all times.

If you have any questions concerning CBC expectations, please contact us at 401-454-7245 or We’re here to make your sailing and paddling experience as safe and enjoyable as possible.


CBC has developed rules and procedures to help ensure a safe, rewarding, and fun learning environment. It is important that you review these rules. Appropriate behavior is expected at all times. Failure to observe the rules and procedures will result in sanctions that vary according to the nature of the infraction, but can include loss of sailing and/or paddling privileges and/ or expulsion. Verbal or physical abuse, or behavior that jeopardizes your safety or that of anyone else in the program, will result in a written warning. A second incident will constitute a brief suspension from the program. An additional incident will result in an extended suspension or dismissal from the remainder of the season without refund of tuition or membership fee.

Be Safe, Be Responsible

Sailing and paddling involve potential hazards inherent to all water sports. Anyone going out in a boat must understand the associated risks and assume full responsibility for their actions on the water. CBC staff has the right to limit any part of the program, or close it completely at any time, if the safety of members may be threatened. CBC also has the right to revoke any sailing, paddling, or membership privileges for violation of these rules. If you feel you have been treated unfairly, or that a staff member has shown poor judgment, you may discuss it later with him/her, the Director, or Board. At the time, however, you must comply with his/her request.

Plan Your Trip, Know Your Limits

CBC’s location serves as an ideal geographical hub for expanding water-based activities that connect you to the environment. CBC is located in India Point Park, the apex of Narragansett Bay. Buffered by geographical land features of the upper bay, CBC enjoys unique protection from wind and wave action for small boats and is perfectly situated as a centrally located starting/end point for paddling trips.

CBC offers safe, fun, and viable paddling distances North/South to WaterPlace Park and West/East to the Seekonk River. Beginner paddlers and volunteers will appreciate the convenience and safety of realistic paddling distances on weary arms, while seasoned paddlers can choose multiple trip options from a safe, convenient facility with launching docks, chase boats and trained staff. Paddle maps are available at the boathouse.


Do not bring unprotected (non-waterproof) cell phones, electronic devices, cameras or valuables sailing or paddling. CBC is not responsible for lost, immersed, or stolen gear.

CBC Equipment

All equipment must be inspected prior to each sail or paddle. Familiarize yourself with wind and weather conditions and how your boat should be rigged to accommodate them. Please keep in mind the ever-present hazard of the swinging boom or paddle. Watch your head! Accidents or collisions resulting in damage/ injury must be reported immediately. You must also inspect your boat after sailing or paddling and report broken/ worn equipment. Do not drag sails or gear on the dock, floor, or grass. Boats must be bailed and free of litter.


Storms may approach very quickly up Narragansett Bay. Keep a close eye on weather conditions. If it feels as though a storm may be approaching, or the wind suddenly gets stronger, return at once. Always check weather conditions prior to leaving dock.

Concerns and Issues

The class Instructor or Dock Master should be your first stop for resolving most issues. He/ she is the day-to-day facilitator, and usually has the answer and ability to make decisions and correct problems. Serious concerns should be brought to the attention of the Program Coordinator. The best time to talk to the Instructor is at the end of class. If this is not convenient, please call and leave a message asking that someone follow-up with you.