How Do I Volunteer?

Volunteers for Boards, programs and events are always welcome! CBC is overseen by a volunteer Board of Trustees and Directors dedicated to our mission and the sport of sailing. Boards/committees are comprised of industry leaders, CBC members, volunteers, parents, and others. CONTACT CBC

Sailing Volunteers/ Instructors

  • We have a steady need for skippers for beginner & outreach classes.

Membership Outreach/ Reception

  • Help with membership events for individuals, singles, and families.
  • Help with data entry, application processing, and answering phones.

Fundraisers/ Writers

  • Work with committees on initiatives to expand our programs.
  • Help with newsletters, solicitation letters, and community outreach.

Teachers/ Program Leaders

  • Help develop specialty youth programs, curriculum, and activities.

Videographers/ Photographers

  • Capture the fun of our fundraising and youth events!

Boat Maintenance/ Groundskeepers

  • Help us repair, wash, wax, and rig our fleet to Bristol condition.
  • Help keep our building and site clean, (weeding, raking, etc.)