Contact – Group Sailorship

    There are many groups who need supplementary funding in order to participate in a sailing experience and instructional programs. Financial assistance will be judged on the following criteria. Please write a brief statement under each category that accurately describes your group of participants. You may also include additional documentation supporting your application for financial assistance.

    Please write an essay (500 words in length) telling us about your group and describing why you would like to participate in a sailing experience. Please also describe the goal(s) you would like to accomplish and what you think your group will gain from this experience.

    On behalf of my participants, I would like to apply for a Financial Assistance Grant offered by Community Boating Center. I understand that I will be notified by Community Boating Center if my group receives funding. I understand that funding is contingent upon the approval of Community Boating Center and its Selection Committee. I also understand that all decisions of Community Boating Center’s Selection Committee and Director are final.

    I will take the sole responsibility of ensuring that each student has written permission from his or her parent and/or legal guardian in order to participate in this program.

    I attest that all information provided is valid: