Adult Individual Membership

1 adult. (Bring your friends, family, & others recreational sailing or kayaking with you for FREE)

Negligent Damage Policy *

(optional fee per season)
Any member who signs out a boat/board is financially responsible for damage to that boat/board and equipment resulting from gross negligence or recklessness. Members forfeit all membership privileges until arrangements for their damage fees are made in full. Damage fees have no bearing on other disciplinary actions such as rating revocation. Negligent damage fees are not punitive, but a necessary cost of doing business. Members are given the option of purchasing a per season damage liability waiver for the fee of $25. Members must elect whether they will purchase or decline the waiver. Declining the waiver signifies that a member is willing to pay for damages if they should be held responsible for causing negligent or reckless damage. I have read and understand the Negligent Damage Policy included herein and have elected to:

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Adult Individual Membership

Full season. 1 adult (age 18+). (Bring your friends, family, & others recreational sailing or kayaking with you for FREE)

Adult Membership Basics

CBC Adult Memberships allow members to take sailing lessons and/or allow adult members to participate in open boating upon completion of lessons or a simple checkout test.

  • Eligibility to enroll in structured sailing lessons
  • FREE weekday (Mon-Thurs,) sailing & kayaking, 5/28 — 10/13, 4:00 — 7:00 PM
  • FREE weekend recreational sailing/kayaking, 5/28 — 10/13, 1:00 — 7:00 PM
  • FREE use of 14’ RS Quests, Zests, Hobie Wave catamarans, Laser Picos, & more
  • FREE guests as crew
  • NEW – Paddleboard rentals
  • Discount function room rental
  • No boat purchase, maintenance, storage, upkeep, or rental fees

Recreational Sailing Benefits

  • One low price, unlimited use, guests FREE – what are you waiting for?
  • Newbies can sign-up for lessons. Old salts can take a challenge test
  • Adults (age 18+) may sail alone, or with family/friends (age 5+)
  • On-the water: 14’ RS Quests, Zests, Laser Picos, more…
  • Prerequisite: Beginner Sailing I or Challenge Test, Age 18+
  • Goal: Affordable recreational sailing
  • Fee: No boat rental fees

Recreational Kayaking Benefits

The simplicity of kayaking as an entry-level sport for anyone makes it attractive to get outside, get moving, and embrace a healthy lifestyle. FREE recreational kayaking is included with adult memberships! Paddle one day as a trial/guest member, or all season, + 1 FREE guest!

  • We want you to paddle with a guest, so you get up to 2 kayaks/ trip
  • On-the water: Sit-on-top single & double kayaks
  • Prerequisite: Challenge Test, Age 18+
  • Goal: Affordable recreational paddling
  • Fee: No boat rental fees

NEW SUP Lessons & Rentals

Community Boating Center (CBC) is thrilled to complement the success of our sailing and kayaking initiatives with NEW paddleboarding lessons & rentals.. This engaging enhancement capitalizes on the popularity of paddling and its ease of participation to provide adults, youth, and families with a direct connection to and awareness of their impact on the environment. Adult fees for our paddleboard lessons and rentals are used to purchase more paddleboards that enable us to serve additional youth – at one-tenth to one-twentieth of the cost of adding a similar number of sailboats to our fleet. Additionally, with your help we hope to realize further growth in our paddling programs with our summer and after-school partners.

  • On-the water: taught on 11′, very stable, BIC SUPs
  • Prerequisite: CBC membership, Age 12+
  • Goal: Guided introduction to SUP
  • Fees: LEARN MORE!

CBC also provides affordable access and fleet rentals to local schools and organizations, and offers function room rental with spectacular waterfront views for meetings, parties, or events.

Challenge Tests

All members must pass an on the water skills test to sail or paddle each type of boat* you wish to sail. Students will be evaluated in class.

  • On-the water, boat of your choice (*excluding keelboats)
  • Prerequisite: Proficiency (pre-screening evaluation given)
  • Course goal: Quick check-out for experienced sailors
  • Course fee: FREE quick check-out for experienced boaters

Weekly Sessions:

CHG, 5/28 – 10/13, weekends, 1:30, 3:30, & 5:30 PM