20% Off US Sailing!


US Sailing MVP Program

The Community Boating Center (CBC) has announced a great membership discount opportunity for you and an easy way to help CBC through our friends at US Sailing.

Exciting sailing events, interesting seminars and first-rate sailing programs are some of the many benefits we enjoy at CBC.  They are as much a part of club life as great food, parties, and a beautiful location – all in the company of good friends and family.

Many of the learning and sailing opportunities we enjoy at CBC are made available to us by US Sailing, a non-profit, member supported organization.  They are a valuable resource and their programs are essential to our club.  US Sailing is committed to building participation at the local level, and we can help them do so.

US Sailing and CBC are partners through the US Sailing MVP Program.   While CBC has always utilized a breadth of US Sailing resources, our decision to join the MVP Program will introduce even more valuable programs and services to our members, as well as savings on program materials and US Sailing membership fees.

Every US Sailing member contributes to the programs that we enjoy at CBC.  We are all “US Sailing” and I encourage you to join me and every US Sailing member by becoming a member and investing in a thriving future for our sport.

John O’Flaherty, Executive Director of CBC, commented “When you join US Sailing through our MVP Program, you get up to 20% off the price of a US Sailing Membership. Plus Community Boating Center gets up to 20% of your membership dues in our US Sailing MVP account to help pay for things like youth instructor training and learning materials for our youth sailors. There is NO cost to become an MVP member to benefit Community Boating Center.

Yep, you get up to 20%. We get up to 20%. There is no additional cost to you — join today!”

You can join online at our unique CBC MVP Link.

Community Boating Center (CBC) is a non-profit, 501c3 recreational organization offering all members of the community an opportunity to sail and paddle. Located in India Point Park, CBC provides outreach, sailing lessons and affordable access to the Providence waterfront. Gifts of cash or property to CBC may be treated as charitable donations for Federal Tax purposes.